Unofficial Histories 2013: Manchester

Thank you and good night from Unofficial Histories 2013! We hope you had a good time. Thank you to everyone who came along! And thank you so much for your feedback so far…

Thank you for a very interesting conference. I went to so many interesting papers

I had a wonderful time at the Unofficial Histories conference-thank you for having me!

Just to say thanks and congrats. #uh13 was fab – stimulating papers, and fun, friendly atmosphere – really enjoyable

I have had a wonderful weekend of connecting and reconnecting with histories and people.

I would just like to thank you and the organisers for an interesting day in Manchester.

What an amazing weekend. Reaffirmed my love of History. And Manchester.

Brilliant fun at and lots of new ideas gained from the #uh13 conference. EPIC!

Thanks again for such an interesting, inspiring and well organised event… very warm and generous, gave me lots of new ideas too.

I just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic conference. It was enjoyable, informative and very well organised.

Thank you for organizing the conference ‘Unofficial Histories’. I had a wonderful time in Manchester and it was very useful too. 

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Unofficial Histories conference at the weekend, it was a lovely informal atmosphere (but well organised) and a terrific mixture of papers and presentations. It was very difficult to choose between the different sessions but I did not regret the ones I did choose (which is sometimes rare with conferences). I also enjoyed the tour on Sunday, which was a great opportunity to get out into Manchester and learn more about the city. Thank you very much for organising the event and everyone who worked hard to make it appear so seamless.

Great day at Unofficial Histories in Manchester. Heard some absolutely fascinating papers.

Saw some fantastic papers today. Really thought provoking about the power & use of history. So much to think about!

I enjoyed the conference – came away very inspired.

thank you again for organising another successful unofficial histories conference. I went away with much to think about – always a good thing!

What a refreshing conference for a rather weary activist!  It has inspired me…  so thanks to all of you who organised this conference.

Have had a wonderful day at Unofficial Histories conference feeling really inspired academically and politically.

I just wanted to say what an absolutely brilliant day it was. 

Missed it?

If you missed the 2013 conference, you can see what went on by viewing:

  • If you want to see the programme and abstracts from Unofficial Histories 2013, you can do that here.
  • We’ve  uploaded some links and resources from the 2013 conference which we hope you’ll find useful. They are online here.
Unofficial Histories 2013 was kindly supported by the Manchester Centre for Regional History at Manchester Metropolitan University.