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Unofficial Histories was started by Fiona Cosson and Ian Gwinn in 2012. It was a response to the fact that, it seemed to us, there wasn’t a forum for discussing all these alternative, unofficial, radical, exciting histories that were happening all over the place- radical, useful, meaningful history seemed to be back in town. And so we set up Unofficial Histories to provide that place and to bring people together.

Unofficial Histories is an independent, public gathering and rather ‘do-it-yourself’ in nature. The conference runs on a combination of hard work, good will, volunteer time and enthusiasm, and very little money (UH makes no profit). Different people help out each year to make the conference happen (thank you, all!). We always welcome people who want to get involved, and we are grateful for the help!

The conference has also benefited from the support of organisations and institutions over the years. We are grateful to The History Workshop Journal,  Manchester Centre for Regional History at Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Huddersfield, and the International Institute of Social History  for support for the conferences to date.

If you’d like to be host or be involved in helping us run the next conference, please do get in touch! 🙂