‘Dam it! Unofficial Histories 2015 at IISG

As many of you may know, Unofficial Histories has been going for nearly four years now, and the past three conferences were all held in the UK (London, Manchester, Huddersfield). This was in part because the organisers are based in the UK, because the institutions that have offered to ‘host’ the conference have been in the UK, and because we hadn’t really thought about if or how it could travel beyond the UK.

And so when Huub Sanders from the International Institute of Social History (IISG or IISH), who gave a paper at UH13, invited the conference the conference to Amsterdam in June, we thought it ‘wow!’, ‘let’s do it!’. IISG is afterall is one of the world’s leading research institutes on labour history and social history.

We hope that the atmosphere of the conferences 2012-2014 will translate to IISG. We have had some super proposals is so far (there’s still time submit! Deadline 1 March 2015), and IISG also also kindly offered to host a drinks reception for the conference attendees on the Friday evening. We are also lining up some great historytainment for the Saturday so attendees can explore the unofficial histories of Amsterdam.

Unofficial Histories runs on a combination of hard work, good will, volunteer time and enthusiasm, and very little money. And the offer of a host institution, with willing helpers, in a fantastic city, is a no-brainer really. We are very grateful to IISG for having us.

Unofficial Histories is not leaving the UK forever, and we hope to be back in the UK in 2016.

Hope to see you there!


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